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It’s about range.

Voice over gives me the opportunity to use my decades of experience as an actor and singer in ways I was never able to fully explore when I was performing onstage. I’m grateful for the opportunity to travel to so many corners of the voice over world.

As a VO guy, I’ve been a promo voice for NASCAR and narrated nature documentaries for National Geographic. I’m a game show announcer (Match Game) and an Undead Drust Monster (World of Warcraft). I’ve given voice to the Armor All Viking, and an animatronic purple koala (Netflix’s Maniac). I’ve voiced spooky movie trailers (Phantasm Remastered) and delightfully silly commercials (Purina Busy dog treats).

No matter what project I’m working on, my favorite part of the process is collaborating with storytellers and bringing their vision to life. It’s a great big world - let’s go exploring together.



Broadcast-Ready. Minimal Turn-Around.

-WhisperRoom Sound Isolation Booth

-Sennheiser 416 / Microtech Gefell UMT 70S mics

-John Hardy Jensen Twin Servo 990 preamp

-UA Apollo Twin audio interface

-SourceConnect (username: stevefrenchvo)

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