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A Progressive National Network "Challenge"!

A closer look at my latest National Network TV spot for Progressive.



Steve French

Publication Date:

Sep 15, 2022

Do you ever wish you could check the replay in real life?

My latest commercial voice over is part of this hilarious spot from Progressive. It finds a couple caught in a disagreement, which is eventually settled after a challenge flag is thrown and an NFL-style replay unit is called in.

I love this spot, and was overjoyed to get to work once again with the team at Arnold Boston, who put such care and fun into everything they do. If you're a football fan, keep an eye and ear out for this one during NFL games this season!

The folks at Little Black Book were kind enough to give the campaign a write-up here.

BEHIND THE SCENES: My audition for this spot wasn't recorded from my home studio, where I usually do all my work. Nope! When this one came in I was on vacation with my family in Maine, in a cabin in the woods with very little cell service and no dedicated internet. What I DID have was a travel recording setup and my trusty new TRI-BOOTH, an ingenious portable recording booth from Rick Wasserman and George Whittam. I'm so grateful this solution exists, and it gave me the confidence to give a great audition away from the comfort of my studio, and I was able to book this fantastic campaign while on the road! Thanks, guys!



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