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Celebrity Spotlight: Steve French

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, Steve opened up about the show and a special fandom that he loves.


Sammi Turano

Publication Date:

Mar 21, 2021

Steve French has one of the most well known voices in America and possibly the world. He has done everything from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt to Match Game and many other projects in between. He is to voice work what Derek Hough is to dancing.

Now fans can hear him every Wednesday on his new podcast Unsolved Mysteries, which was created by the show’s original producers. Each week, he takes on an unsolved case and, much like the show, gives details, news and other information in hopes of getting answers and the case eventually solved.

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, Steve opened up about the show and a special fandom that he loves. Check out the highlights below:

1. Steve admitted that he was a bit nervous about hosting the show, saying that OG host Robert Stack was a tough act to follow. However, he was up for the job and eventually found his voice and groove. He knew he didn’t want to copy the iconic host, so he worked hard in finding his own voice, adding a great range of emotions to each episode. That was something that was very important to the producers, and led to him making the show his own.

2. Each episode will focus on one case per week. For example, one week will be a missing person, one will be about UFOs, etc. He promises that there will be something for everyone who listens to the podcast and hopes that they will enjoy each episode, even if they aren’t a fan of a particular genre on the show. Steve went on to say that he knows people love this kind of show and thinks they will be drawn in to each episode in a new, unique way.

3. Interestingly, Steve doesn’t even know what he will be covering each week until right before he records. He is given the interviews and rough cuts, but other than that, he doesn’t have a lot of lead time. However, he does end up doing research after the fact, saying that he finds each and every case fascinating in its own way.

4. The biggest thing for Steve help provide some some semblance of closure, or at least support and hope for those people who have been faced with tragedy. He takes his job very seriously and understands that these are real people looking for answers. It is not just a voiceover job for him….it is a way to help people in any way he can.

5. As of right now, there are no plans to do a full episode of case updates. However, Steve did say that if and when they get them, he and the show will certainly find a way to get the word out to the public.

6. In addition to hosting the podcast, Steve is the promo voice for The Mandalorian. He is also an avid Star Wars fan and has been watching the movies over the pandemic. So what is his favorite? While he loves them all, he has an appreciation for the latest three movies and considers The Last Jedi to be his favorite!

Keep checking back for more news on Steve and Unsolved Mysteries.



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