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Steve French Interview for Unsolved Mysteries Podcast

LRM Online's Gig Patta talked with podcast host Steve French for Unsolved Mysteries.


Gig Patta

Publication Date:

Feb 27, 2021

From Cadence13, a leading premium podcast company that is part of Entercom’s Podcast Network, in partnership with Cosgrove/Meurer Productions, the creators and producers of the Emmy-nominated series Unsolved Mysteries -- Season One will be available on Apple Podcasts, RADIO.COM, Spotify and everywhere podcasts are available.  Since its premiere in January 1987, Unsolved Mysteries has been one of the longest-running programs in the history of television, and the first series to introduce an audience-interactive “call-to-action” that requests viewer tips to help solve real cases.The series has received six Emmy nominations and numerous commendations from law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and U.S. Marshals Service.  Now, the Unsolved Mysteries podcast will offer a variety of brand new cases from the vast archives, exploring cases from every angle in a weekly series, with each episode focused on one mystery. As with the television and streaming series, each episode will end with a call-to-action directing listeners to the Unsolved Mysteries website ( to provide clues that could help solve the mysteries. Each week, the series will feature guests closely associated with the case, including family members, those who have experienced mysterious events in their lives, law enforcement, and forensics experts.

Interviewer: Gig Patta (@gigpatta on IG and Twitter)

Interview Pitches:

#stevefrench #unsolvedmysteries



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